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JJ's Favorite Shake

By JJ Virgin

JJ's Favorite Shake

1-2 scoops Whey or Rice protein shake mix*
1 serving fiber supplement or 1 tbsp freshly ground
flaxseed meal
1 serving healthy fat (see suggestions below)
1 cup of frozen fruit (we recommend organic berries)
1 cup of water

Healthy fat ideas: 1 tbsp organic nut butter (not peanut), 1 tbsp freshly ground flaxseed meal, 1 cup So Delicious or Silk unsweetened coconut milk (replaces the water), 1 tbsp Cod Liver oil or Udo's Oil Blend

Add ice and blend to desired thickness

*Your protein needs depend on your weight, body composition and activity level. Most people should strive for 20-30 grams of protein per serving. Men and very athletic women can use 40+ grams protein.

FIBER: You will be getting 15 or more grams of fiber from this recipe alone which give you a great jump on your recommended 50 grams or more of fiber per day. Fiber is the secret weapon for both weight loss and detoxification but I want to remind you to proceed with caution. Bring your total grams of fiber up over the course of a week rather than overnight and be sure to increase your daily water intake (in between meals) as you do so to help keep things moving.

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